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Mar. 20th, 2011


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Well sadly March Break is over.  Thursday was a nice day of relaxing.  I went and got groceries for next week.  I stupidly planned meals for everyday and forgot about Tuesday.  Ah well, I'll make sure I plan well.  I got tofu so I wasgoing to do a stir fry one night and pad thai the other.  So, I can just make sure I do that Wednesday/Thursday so my veggies and tofu don't go bad. 

Friday I brought a bunch of stuff from my parent's house for my house warming party.  Then I finished cleaning my house for Saturday which was good because I was ain no state to do in Saturday morning. About 4, Derrick picked me up and we went to Brantford for Lauren's party.

I wasn't going to drink much because I had my party Saturday but that changed quite quickly.  I blame Lauren.  Anyways, it was a super fun night with tasty food and really good drinks.  I ended up coming out to Lauren and Jill which felt good because I don't have to beat around the bush anymore.  I recently found out our Children's Aid case worker that is in our school is gay so I knew Jill wouldn't care because she is very friendly with him.

Saturday I didn't get up until 11, UGH.  Bad!!!!!!  I was rather sore and sluggish.  I got my house ready.  I put different smells in each room and it smelled amazingly phenomenal with my Bath and Body Works smells!

The party was awesome.  My whole family came, about 30 people! People had mostly nothing but good things to say about my house! It's true though, I love my house.  Sure, there are a few things that need to be changed but you know what, it's MY house, I own it and I challenge you to find a house to move into that you don't want to change anything!   My favourite part was showing people the basement and their reaction when they walked around the corner in the bedroom to see a full bathroom.  Priceless reaction.  My mom's friend Teresa was still going on about it later at my parent's house about how much she loved my house.  I do love it, it's perfect for me :)

I got loaded with presents too which was a wonderful surprise.  I got a really nice outdoor door mat, two fabulous plants, very nice wind chimes from Florida and gift cards.  I got $50 to Ikea, $100 to Canadian Tire, $75 to Home Sense, $50 to Bed, Bath and Beyond and $25 to Home Depot.  It was amazing!  Totally worth having a huge party!!! I mean, you can't expect presents if you're not going to have a party!

I've got a list of stuff I need/want to buy so these gift cards will come in handy.

I definitely need 5 more wine glasses from Ikea because my 5 have broke and I only have 1 left.  I need a blender for the summer.  I also want to get some bamboo wind chimes from Green Earth with some fire gel. 

My summer project is to tackle my kitchen so I want to strip the wallpaper, paint all of the walls, paint the cupboards and replace the hardware including the hinges and the knobs.  So, I am going to use my Home Depot gift card to get some of the knobs for my new cupboards.

It's been a lovely March Break.  I'm not too upset about going back to work because I like my job but with this lovely weather, I am excited about having 2 months off this summer!

Feb. 2nd, 2002

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